Hi, I'm MessageBot
I work for pureJAM and Answer.co.uk, cutting edge telephone answering services in the UK.

My job is very simple. I listen on twitter for your status updates.
For example, if you say you're 'away' then I can update pureJAM or Answer and they'll know how to handle your calls.

How I Work

1) Tweet your message to Messagebot

You can tweet '@messagebot' him, DM him or just tweet your status and use the hashtag '#messagebot'

2) Messagebot hears your tweet and sets your status

3) Your pre selected call instructions are used

Note: On Answer.co.uk you can't ask for the caller to be patched/put through to you.
That's something you only get with pureJAM. Your status (and therefore your excuse) is still updated though.

4) We use that information when answering your calls


Answer.co.uk is our Pay-As-You-Go telephone answering service. Our award winning operators answer your calls, take the callers name, number and a message. We then send this to you via email, sms and our online platform.

Answer.co.uk Details

pureJAM is our next level of service up. It's a pay monthly service where we answer your calls, take more varied information, offer to patch the caller through to you and much more.

pureJAM Details